Five Benefits of Dining Areas in an Office Environment

This is the age of interactive office design and a crucial step is to give your workers the freedom to move and eat within the office. Keep everything in-house by optimising your available space; divide the office into sections for the personal and professional to avoid distraction and sustain productivity. Improving your workspace’s functionality is the first step to improving results, communal spirit and employee welfare.


From tech start-ups to financial services, companies worldwide are giving their furniture a makeover. Seen as a representation of your brand, the feel and practicality of company products are now seen to heavily affect company productivity. The purpose of furniture, and why companies allocate such a large percentage of their budget toward it, is to assist and facilitate employees’ everyday activities.

Personalising your workspace, taking regular breaks and eating well each help to sustain productive output, engagement and attendance. The costs of lost productivity because of absenteeism and disengagement can be heavily reduced through creative office design. Benefit your colleagues by implementing dining office furniture, it will boost employee satisfaction at work and quickly find an increase in their ingenuity and productivity.


Breaking bread is the universal symbol for friendship, togetherness and communal spirit. In the Journal of Consumer Psychology, social psychologists stand by the trust building and conflict resolution powers of food. Cultivate these positive traits within the office by providing a space for dining and social engagement.

Furthermore, corporate away days designed to artificially fashion a community are popular and varied, and often the costs can reach up to the tens of thousands. Promote a social workforce in-house rather than through external companies which offer team-building exercises. Dining office furniture is the long-term answer to naturally creating a workforce community with a strong work ethic.


Most offices situate in city hubs where workers are tempted to leave and buy a midday-meal-deal. Instead, move the flow throughout the office rather than the constant in and out. This can be done by employing smart office furniture to create a space for internal social eating.

Keep your workers in the office where they are easily accessible but separated and comfortable. The best way to activate the full potential of your office space is through dining office furniture.

Reduce Stress

The psychosocial work environment has been under the microscope in recent times, with ‘occupational health’ and ‘unhealthy work’ widely identified. ‘Stressors,’ aspects that cause avoidable stress have been located in the work environment, and simple steps are recommended by behavioural therapists to help avoid pathways to illness and absence.

A well thought out office design as well as a splash of colour is suggested to reduce stress and promote creative inspiration. Food, fitness and fun are all key for improving employee healthcare. Keep workers in the office but allow their minds to wander (while on break). An inquisitive brain is a healthy brain, and a healthy brain is a happy brain. Dining office furniture will quickly improve happiness, healthiness and employee satisfaction with their job.

Division for decisions

Called ‘break-away areas,’ dining office furniture is a great way to design spaces for informal meetings and private phone calls. Keep distraction to a minimum by dividing your office space into separate zones for thinking, resolving and interacting. Although modular furniture and soft seating are becoming more popular, dining office furniture is the clearest way of organising your available workspace. Your office doesn’t have to go full-blown Silicon Valley to engage your workers - boost their welfare and productivity by implementing dining office furniture.

Office Furniture Direct supply high quality office dining furniture from a wide array of well-established brands. At Office Furniture Direct we have a range of colour combinations to choose from; we understand the needs of the office and can offer you the opportunity to re-imagine your work environment. Call us on 01473 220311 to discuss your office requirements.

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