Penguin Adoption – Where can you adopt a Penguin and why should you?

By now, we're hoping that most people have heard about adopting a penguin but what does it mean to adopt a penguin and why should you do it? Are you in any way responsible for the penguin? Our spotted penguins are going to answer all your questions and clear a few myths to help you to help them.

What is Penguin adoption?

Penguin adoption is your way of showing that you support our conservation and allows you to directly contribute to our wellbeing. Many institutes such as ZSL and WWF offer penguin adoption and gives you details as to what their funds from adoption is spent on, for example;

WWF state the following;

Your adoption and support will help us:

  • improve the management of Antarctica's resources and safeguard its wildlife
  • establish a network of marine protected areas covering at least 10% of the 20 million km² Southern Ocean
  • reduce illegal and unsustainable fishing practices
  • raise awareness of the threats of climate change we all face
  • fund our other essential work around the world

ZSL state the following;

By adopting the penguins, you are showing your love and support for this beautiful species. The adoption helps fund ZSL's worldwide conservation work and important conservation campaigns such as the #Oneless, as well as providing care for the penguins as ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

Where can I adopt a penguin?

There are many places that offer penguin adoption, so we would suggest that you research the company/institute/charity that you are purchasing the adoption from and have a look at what those funds are then spent on.

If the funds are only spent on looking after penguins that have been taken into captivity and need funding to pay for that, we would personally not fund this as we would look for those that spend the funds on wild penguin conservation, understanding threats to penguins natural habitats and conquering those threats, for example, man-made issues such as the war on plastic that threatens all sea creatures, us penguins included.

However, the choice is yours and you should choose based on the reasons that are close to your heart. Here is a list of places that we would happily endorse penguin adoption purchases;

Why should I adopt a penguin?

Because we're awesome, obviously! But on a serious note, because we're awesome!

On top of that, many of our species are now endangered, and we are at risk of losing them forever, this needs to stop now. Your adoption can help fund projects which will help conserve natural habitats and help breeding programs to bring our populations back to a level which will secure their future on this earth. Can you imagine a planet without penguins?

Am I responsible for the penguin in any way?

Not for the adoption, no. You will not be required to continue paying (unless you have chosen an adoption package which requires annual renewal) or to visit the penguin, although in some cases you are able to visit.

However, we believe that everyone should be responsible for penguins. They are as much a part of this earth as humans are and have every right to it as humans do. Just think what you would do if somebody came into your house, tipped out a bag of rubbish and then walked away, you'd probably chase after them and demand they clean it up at the very least. Us penguins can't do that, so every human needs to stand up and take responsibility for their actions, fix the problems they have caused and going forward, behave in a manner that humans would expect from other humans.

Fact or Fiction

Do you get to take the penguin home?

Unfortunately, no this is fiction. As much as we'd love to spend time with you, we need a big area with lots of water to be able to swim around. Also, you might get a little fed up with the smell of fish.

Are penguins really endangered?

Yes, this is fact. There are 17-19 species of penguins (depending on which scientist you ask), and according to, 10 of those are threatened with extinction. Here is the full list*;

  • Yellow-eyed Penguin - Endangered - 3,400 left
  • Snares Penguin - Vulnerable - 63,000 left
  • Royal Penguin - Near Threatened - 1,700,000 left
  • Erect Crested Penguin - Endangered - 150,000 left
  • Little Penguin - Least Concern - 469,760 left
  • Fiordland Penguin - Vulnerable - 5,500 - 7,000 left
  • Macaroni Penguin - Vulnerable - Over 10,000,000 left
  • Southern Rockhopper Penguin - Vulnerable - 2,500,000 left
  • Northern Rockhopper Penguin - Vulnerable - Unknown
  • African Penguin - Endangered - 50,000 left
  • Emperor Penguin - Near Threatened - 595,000 left
  • King Penguin - Least Concern - Unknown
  • Adélie Penguin - Least Concern - 7,580,000 left
  • Gentoo Penguin - Least Concern - 774,000 left
  • Chinstrap Penguin - Least Concern - Unknown
  • Magellanic Penguin - Near Threatened - Unknown
  • Humboldt Penguin - Vulnerable - 32,000 left
  • Galapagos Penguin - Vulnerable - 1,200 left

*Source 12th December 2018

Can I adopt a Spotted Penguin?

Unfortunately, no. We are very few, in fact only 6 in total. But we work very hard to ensure that our other species of penguins are looked after, so we'd much rather you adopt one of these. But thanks for asking.

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